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    Use online form to list an item

    To start selling, simply fill up the online form. Be sure to describe your item for its true condition. We only sell items we love and at the best possible condition, hence the commitment of our curation team to only open the door to relevant pieces.

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    We check the authenticity and condition of your item

    Once your item is sold, we will send a confirmation email with all the further info you will need. All sold items must be delivered to us within 5 business days to the following address: Hamasger 72, Tel Aviv, Israel 3894555

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    Once your item is sold, deliver it to us

    We double check the quality and authenticity of each item. Items that do not pass our quality control will not be sent to the buyer.

    Authenticity Policy
  • Step 04

    You are paid

    You will get paid 7 days from the day the buyer receives the item.

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