How does authentication work?

Authentication is commonly carried out using photographs, but, in some cases, we ask you to deliver the product to our office for physical inspection. If you want to purchase an ENTRUPY certificate for a bag, delivery of the bag is compulsory.

What do I need to provide for the authentication?

We need you to provide us with high-quality photographs. If the photos provided are insufficient, or their quality is not suitable for authentication, we will ask you to retake the photos or deliver the product to us by mail.

How much does the product verification cost?

The costs range from $ 20 to $ 135, depending on the brand and product category.

Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully before placing your order.

Are you looking to buy pre-owned luxury goods and do not know how to distinguish a fake from the original? Buying an expensive designer piece is a major investment, and there is no better way to protect your money than making sure you are buying an original.

SELLUXURY provides luxury brand authentication services. We inspect each product – bags, clothes, shoes and other accessories ¬– for consistency with brand identity, confirming their authenticity.

Over 10 years of experience we have accumulated vast knowledge in the field of brand product authentication, and our reputation in this area is unmatched. We are strongly against the counterfeiting of designer items and take product authentication very seriously.

If you are a seller of luxury goods and your customers' reviews are a priority for your activity, be sure to provide them with the most reliable conditions for purchase. Our authentication process offers the option to obtain a certificate confirming the originality of your product. If you are a buyer, we recommend investing a portion of your time and money to ensure that the item is authentic. Unfortunately, the market of counterfeit products is growing every year, making it impossible to recognize a fake item by yourself.