1. What is the protected purchase on SELLUXURY?

You are protected every time you place an order on SELLUXURY. We are guarantee 100% authenticity of every product on our marketplace. We keep your payment safe until we confirm the condition and authenticity of the item you purchased.

2. What is the process of the protected purchase?


After you fill your order, we hold your payment until the condition and authenticity of the item you purchased is being confirmed.мм

2. We verify your item

If the item won’t pass SELLUXURY authentication, we will return your money to the original method of payment.

3. Delivery

After a successful authentication, the item will be shipped to its buyer.

3. What is the “two step” authentication?

We authenticate your item in two stages:

  1. We inspect the item by photos provided by the seller.
  2. After you purchase a luxury item on SELLUXURY, it’s shipped directly to our team for authentication.

This process helps us to exclude 98% of counterfeit products before publishing it on the SELLUXURY website. When SELLUXURY experts inspect the item, they also confirm the condition of the item accordingly to the photos provided. In a case if the condition of the item does not match the photos provided by seller, the buyer receives a full refund to original method of payment.

4. I purchased from private seller, can I return the item?

No. 7 day return policy works only for items being sold by professional sellers, or «ready to ship» items.

If you change your mind about the item you purchased you may publish it for sale. If you publish your listing in 48 hours period after you receive your purchase, you will avoid SELLUXURY website seller fees.

5. What is the difference between a private seller and a professional seller?

Items of private seller are non-returnable.

Items of professional sellers have a seven day return policy. Some professional seller items are located in SELLUXURY warehouse, which has a significantly reduced delivery time.

6. Why can’t I choose a straight delivery from the seller to me?

SELLUXURY specializes in authentic products. In order to avoid transactions of counterfeit item, this shipping method is not available on the SELLUXURY web site.