SELLUXURY concierge service

How does it work?


Create a list of things according to the list of brands we work with.


Book the concierge's arrival.


The concierge will deliver your items for inspection and authentication.


The product will be showcased on our website, and the seller will be contacted after the sale to finalize the payment.


What is our concierge service?
This is a service providing door-to-door delivery of premium brand items, their presentation, and evaluation, as well as the fastest possible sale.
What is the cost of the service?
Concierge request and delivery of items is absolutely free! You only pay once your items are sold.
Have you changed your mind about selling your items and want to return them?
All items will be returned upon your request by our courier or sent by mail to the address indicated on your account. Return shipping cost - $35
In which cities does the service work?
Currently, our concierge service is available in Ukraine (Kyiv), and in Israel (Tel Aviv and central cities).Should you be located in another country or city, the goods can be sent by mail to the SELLUXURY address.

What are the advantages of the service?

Saving personal time

We take care of everything – you just gain money!

Protection from scammers

There is no need to look for a buyer and worry about the integrity of your items!

Flawless product presentation

The main feature of the service is that we know what is needed for the fastest possible sale! If you don't know how to take beautiful photos of the goods or just have no time to publish adverts on the site, leave all your worries to us! The SELLUXURY concierge service was created specifically for your maximum comfort! All you need to do is just collect the products you would like to sell and schedule the arrival of the concierge!show more


Only pay when the items are sold!

Save your time – start selling from the comfort of your own home!

We take care of everything – from the collection, sale presentation, and pricing to advertising and payouts to your bank account after the sale.

Use SELLUXURY'S concierge service, and don't worry about a thing!

You urgently need to unload your wardrobe, sell unnecessary things, but don’t have time for it? With the SELLUXURY concierge service, you don't need to do anything! We will take care of everything – from pick-up, sale presentation of goods, and pricing on the site to advertising and payouts to your bank account after the sale!