A checklist of the wardrobe essentials of a modern woman: top items you can't do without

Essential clothing is one of the smartest ideas in the fashion world. This is the basement on which the whole image is built. Solving the problem of putting together a stylish outfit in a matter of seconds, it allows designing combinations of clothes for every day so as not to repeat for at least one week. At the same time, basic items don't look boring and mundane. Complemented with colorful and bright scarves, bags, and other accessories, they will help to emphasize your individuality.

How to start a basic closet

The choice of essential wardrobe items is personal to every woman. It depends on the style and rhythm of life, the characteristics of the figure, appearance, age, and, of course, individual preferences. It includes versatile items that can be easily combined, each time creating a new, self-sufficient look. Stylists advise being guided by the following rules when choosing wardrobe essentials:

  • Clothes should be psychologically comfortable, correspond to the lifestyle and attitude;
  • Items should "fit" perfectly, without requiring additional fixing or waiting for a special occasion for them to be worn;
  • It is generally preferable to choose a style that suits you rather than selecting that which is the ultra-fashionable;
  • Each new item should create a harmonious ensemble with at least three old ones;
  • All goods should be made of high-end materials. Search for wardrobe items from well-known brands, which will last as long as possible and will look much better than mass-market clothing.

Let's take a look at the main wardrobe essentials for any modern fashionista.


The most natural and versatile is a straight-cut T-shirt in white colour with a round neck or V-neck. It looks incredibly stylish, fresh, and, moreover, doesn't fade. Such an element can be easily combined with any jacket, cardigan and complemented with a scarf.


Your list of essential clothes should also include a few long and short-sleeved blouses. A classic cut, lightweight materials, and pastel colours will make it possible to use such items in smart looks successfully. To create a brighter outfit, get some original blouses in lively colours.

White shirt

Classic white shirts look very stylish. They match any bottom and are perfectly combined with both a business suit and jeans. When choosing such an item, don't forget about the rich variety of shades, not only limited to snow-white. Alabaster, cream, pearl, milk, and others will allow choosing a shirt for the owner of any complexion.


It is a versatile element of an essential wardrobe that suits fashionistas of all ages. It is a perfect alternative to a T-shirt on a chilly day and will always stay in fashion. A turtleneck can be worn alone or under a jacket, vest, or cardigan.


For cooler weather, cashmere or pure woolen sweater in neutral colours is an excellent choice. Pay attention to the oversized chunky knit models. They have a special charm and are one of the trends of this season.

Теплый свитер оверсайз - отличное дополнение базового гардероба


To choose jeans for a basic wardrobe, experts advise considering items made of dense material with well-designed seams. The base model should be without scuffs, decorative holes, shiny stones, or additional accessories. An excellent choice would be the item with a high or medium waist, straight cut in indigo, light blue, grey, navy blue, or black.

Джинсы для базового гардероба


Basic pants can be anything you like. Narrow or straight, culottes or long, and with or without a crease, the main thing is that the chosen model is comfortable and allows you to combine it with other wardrobe items.

Брюки-кюлоты в базовом гардеробе модницы


Among the varieties of skirts, the pencil style is especially practical. Such a model "draws" a feminine silhouette, emphasizes the waist and hip lines and visually stretches the figure. It can be easily paired with any footwear, from high heels, ballerina flats to sport-style sneakers. A pencil skirt will look stylish with a blouse or sweater, jacket, trench coat, or winter coat. The basic wardrobe can also include other styles of skirts, depending on the figure of the fashionista.

Юбка-карандаш - отличный выбор для базового гардероба


One of the universal styles of dresses is a sheath. This option is suitable for women of all figures. It can be worn both separately and on a blouse. Another option for replenishing an essential wardrobe is a knitted dress. It is perfect for walking and every day. The classic cut and presence of sleeves will allow one to look fashionable and to feel incredibly comfortable.


An excellent choice would be a jacket made of genuine or eco-leather. It's a stylish addition to any modern outfit.

Trench coat

The trench coat adds style and depth to the image. Choose outerwear models in neutral colors for a basic set: beige, mustard, light brown, and gray. A classic trench coat without ruffles and additional complex elements will always look luxurious and fashionable.


For casual looks, it's best to choose a classic-cut coat with a perfect fit in discreet colours. A black or dark-blue version made of more expensive fabric and a more complex, sophisticated cut is suitable for an evening out.

Which items form part of your personal essentials wardrobe? Selluxury offers attractive prices on original branded goods that will help create a stylish base for any fashionista.

Happy shopping!