Authentication: 5 Steps for Spotting a Genuine Gucci Bag

It comes as no surprise that Gucci bags are one of the most counterfeited luxury fashion items worldwide. The highest quality of materials, many iconic models and stylish designs put bags of the Italian brand on a par with such legends as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and others.

The collections of Gucci accessories are distinguished by high-quality materials, first-class tailoring and timeless shapes. One can recognize them by their iconic features, such as bamboo handles, zips, GG monogram canvas, and other legendary details.

With a huge number of counterfeits, it is important to know how to distinguish an authentic Gucci bag from a fake one, especially when buying items on the secondary market. Here is a short authentication guide that will help you to spot a genuine Gucci bag in five steps.

1. Check the serial number found on the bag's tag.

The tag, made of leather, is located inside the bag next to the inside zip pocket. It has a rectangular shape, as well as sharp right angles. One can find it opposite the bag's clasp. When authenticating a bag, paying attention to both sides of this element is necessary. The front side contains three lines with the text applied by heat stamping, in which the top line has the trademark ®. Below it should be the brand's name written in all capital letters "GUCCI" using the brand's signature font. The letters "G" and two "C" look quite rounded in a genuine accessory, almost like incomplete circles. The third line has the inscription "made in italy" entirely in lowercase letters. All three lines are aligned to the centre of the tag, and the heat stamp looks crisp and accurate. The back side of the tag has an item's serial number. It should be serifed and look like it was typed on a typewriter.

The back side of recently made Gucci tags contains the serial number in two rows, consisting of 10 to 13 numerical digits. The first line describes the handbag style, and the second is the vendor/batch code.

When self-authenticating a Gucci branded accessory, it is also worth remembering that this code is not unique to a particular product. Other bags from the same series and batch will have the same code. That means two genuine Gucci bags can have the same serial number sequence.

Vintage models often have a single row containing less than 10-13 digits. They are located on leather tags with a rounded shape.

What does it mean when your bag does not have a rectangular tag?

Over the years, the brand Gucci has changed tag styles and number availability:

  • Vintage Gucci bags made before the 1960s were introduced with model numbers.
  • In the 1960s, the fashion brand produced some bags with a model number and some without it.
  • In the 1970s, Gucci bags were not given any serial or model numbers. They were presented with the Gucci inscription.
  • In the end of 1970s-beginning the 1980s, the fashion house introduced a collection of accessories with the serial number printed in gold. Now it may look partially worn or faded.

The leather rectangular serial number tag is commonly found on Gucci bags, released in the end of the 90s and later.

Since the 2016/2017 season, Gucci designers started using QR codes in addition to the serial number tag. Located on a black fabric tag inside the bag, they can be scanned by smartphones, which significantly simplifies the process of bag authentication.

2. Checking the quality of materials and tailoring.

As one of the leaders in the luxury fashion segment, the Gucci brand creates its accessories only from high-end and durable materials. Thanks to the impeccable finishing, fashionistas can meet even vintage bags from the 80s-90s in almost new condition, without any signs of wear or tear.

Gucci's iconic GG monogrammed canvas, Guccissima leather, calfskin, suede or rare exotic leathers, and other Gucci materials seem luxurious. Counterfeits often use cheap leather, which looks and feels different. Sometimes fake items have an unnatural smell due to low-quality chemicals.

Textile bags

Monogram textiles are common materials for sewing Gucci handbags, which can be used to determine the authenticity of an accessory.

Carefully study the GG logo on the canvas bag:

  • the letters "G" do not touch each other. They should be facing each other while the left one "looks" to the right and the right one - to the left;
  • "G" serifs should be long and elegant. The rounded part of the letter G is a perfect oval, not pointed in any place;
  • regardless of the type of fabric, the logo on the original bag will be clear and even;
  • there are always two well-defined diamond-shaped "dots" between each pair of intersecting "G's";
  • the logo on the genuine bag is woven into the fabric pattern, not printed.

Gucci leather bags

Stamped leather, also called "guccissima", is also popular material among Gucci bag collections. This material has an embossed logo, in which the drawing is even and clearly legible.

3. Study the stitch.

Original Gucci bags are handcrafted. They are distinguished by neat stitching, made with thick and durable threads. At the same time, the stitch size is consistent throughout all parts of the item. Sometimes the colour of the threads may differ from the colour of the accessory itself. Any uneven seams, the use of machine stitching, protruding threads or scuffs will indicate that your product is inauthentic.

4. Check the quality of the hardware.

Gucci craftsmen pay special attention to the design and quality of the hardware. In fake accessories, it is light and feels hollow. Over time, the hardware on the counterfeits fades and begins to flake. The original bags are characterized by solid and heavy details, most of which are engraved with "Gucci". The engraving is incredibly clean, neat, and without any defects.

The zipper closure is made from the same material, textile or leather, as the rest of the bag. In the authentic model, the zipper will be metal instead of plastic, and in the new bags, the brand's logo will be engraved on the underside. Genuine Gucci zippers perfectly stand the test of time. They are light and smooth in motion. Engraving is also found on some carbines and other metal parts of bags. Its font must match the one on the slider.

Gucci bamboo elements are meticulously handcrafted over an open fire. They are varnished and look very elegant.

5. Require the seller to provide an authenticity card.

When buying a Gucci bag, one should ask the seller if the authenticity card of the accessory, "controllato", has been preserved. It has the "GUCCI" logo, ten numbers and "controllato" written in all lowercase letters.

This card is presented with every new genuine Gucci bag but may not be available for some products at the resale market. Being a separate item not attached to the bag, this element can easily be lost. It is also worth remembering that the presence of this card alone cannot be proof of the authenticity of the accessory because such an element can be faked.

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