Безупречный стиль: правила выбора женской одежды

Usually, shopping gives fashionistas a lot of joy, especially when buying products by famous brands: Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and others. However, the psychology of choosing clothes is not only about demonstrating to others your knowledge of fashion trends. It is also an opportunity to tell your story and express yourself by transmitting a visual code. Here is what one should consider when creating the perfect look.

The correct style

Whichever styles are in trend now, stylists recommend choosing wardrobe items based on the features of your figure. After all, even the most expensive and beautiful clothes can look differently on different fashionistas.

Experts distinguish five main types of figures, which have their advantages and specialities:

  • Hourglass. A characteristic feature of the "X" figure is the same volume of the hips and chest with a pronounced waist. The selection of clothes with these particular external features is not difficult. Fashionistas with this type of body proportions can wear almost anything, paying special attention to sheath dresses, dresses with a belt or bare shoulders, high-waist trousers that look very harmonious and feminine;
  • Inverted triangle. The female "T" figure is distinguished by narrow hips, wide shoulder line and wide chest. This type needs clothing that narrows the upper part and accentuates the hips. Blouses, sweaters and dresses with a V-neck will look incredibly harmonious. At the same time, products with a round neckline or a massive collar can bring disharmony to the image. It is also worth using a minimum of large elements at the upper portion, emphasising the hip area with the help of fluffy skirt models, extended-style trousers and products with voluminous details such as ruffles, bows, draperies etc.;
  • Apple. The "O" body type can be recognised by the rounded shoulder line, wide chest and unexpressed waist. The advantage of such a physique is a lush chest and beautiful slender legs. This advantage should be used to create a fashionable look, using cropped or tapered high-waist trousers. The fashionistas with such a figure can choose clothes that visually narrow the waist and emphasise their chest. They can select semi-fitted silhouettes, V-necks and straight sleeves;
  • Pear. This figure is distinguished by a pronounced waist, a narrow line of shoulders and a rather heavy wide bottom. Products with voluminous sleeves and massive decorative elements in the upper part are excellent for such an appearance. They will help to make the image proportional and light. When choosing trousers or skirts, one should give preference to models of straight, loose or semi-fitted styles. It is best to avoid large prints, tight trousers or jeans with decorative elements since these tend to make an image look heavier. Monochromatic products or designs with a small pattern will look very harmonious.
  • Rectangle. Body type "H" is characterised by the same width of the shoulders and hips line with a subtly defined waist. This type of figure can match wardrobe items that visually give roundness and femininity to the form creating a harmonious look. Avoid flowy fabrics, elongated sweaters, shirts and T-shirts. The best choice would be things with an expanding cut - a pleated skirt or a tulip skirt, as well as straight trousers and skinny jeans, with decorative elements on the pockets.

The quality of wardrobe items

In order for the wardrobe to look stylish and expensive, you should not economise on the quality of tailoring and materials. Fabric is the basis of any item, making it comfortable to wear and giving a good appearance of the product with a long-lasting life. It is better to give preference to natural materials that are both durable and presentable. Stylish branded items can also be chosen from synthetic fabrics, but such clothing must be of high-quality tailoring.

Fashion style

Clothing styles fall into several categories. Active people who cannot imagine their life without movement choose sports items. These are comfortable T-shirts and jeans, sweatpants and shorts, baseball caps, shirts and other similar products. For lovers of practicality and comfort, a casual style is suitable. It is characterised by simplicity and convenience. For those who prefer restraint and elegance, the classic style would be the most appropriate option. It involves wearing strict suits, straight-cut trousers, mid-length skirts, semi-fitted blouses, and dresses. For those who work in an office, a business style is suitable, where the images can be advantageously made up of sheath dresses, pencil skirts, shoes with medium heels. The modern urban style combines many trends - from elegant classics and relaxed casual to boho, sport-chic and minimalism. Having learned to work with each of them, one can create original images for any occasion.

Experts advise a fashionista to choose clothes that match her stylistic preferences when selecting wardrobe items. If you are attracted to an item in a different style, you should immediately think of how to apply it to your overall image. Otherwise, there is a risk that the purchase will remain hanging in the closet. However, if this is an expensive branded item, it can always be resold at a profit on specialised sites - for example, at the Selluxury marketplace.

Typical mistakes that will spoil the image of any fashionista

Here are some common mistakes that should not be repeated when choosing wardrobe items and creating a fashionable look:

  • choice of clothes that are irrelevant to the figure. When choosing clothes, it is worth remembering that it should emphasise positive qualities whilst hiding the flaws. To do this, it is important to choose things that look harmonious on a particular type of figure;
  • clothes not for your age. Sometimes, in the desire to prolong youth, some of the fashionistas choose clothes that are not age-appropriate, which tend to look ridiculous;
  • bad colour choice. One should remember that not all shades are equally suitable for each fashionista. It is especially important to consider the combination of the outfit with the colour of your eyes: a harmonious outfit will favourably emphasise them. If the shade is chosen incorrectly, this might cause them to look dull;
  • wrong size. In pursuit of slimness, some fashionistas prefer to choose smaller clothes than their size. Unfortunately, this will not make you slimmer but will also emphasise figure flaws even more;
  • incorrectly selected print. It is important to consider that horizontal stripes make you look wider, and large flower prints visually add several sizes;
  • irrelevance. As you know, clothes should always match the occasion. Thus, it would be best to choose a business style for the workplace, bright outfits for clubs and parties, comfortable and relaxed looks for walks or picnics.

We hope that Selluxury's tips will help you to create a unique and exciting style that emphasises your individuality and provides maximum comfort. In addition, in the catalogue of our marketplace, one can buy clothes, shoes and accessories of famous brands for any taste at a discount.

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