Choosing the right winter scarfs, hats and gloves – what's the secret?

With the onset of cold weather, fashionistas again face the question of how to create a warm and comfortable look, yet attractive one? Such important attributes of winter style as hats, gloves and scarves help to emphasize individuality, fashion preferences and add a touch of uniqueness to the outfit. The right choice of such accessories will help you look stunning in any weather.

How to choose a hat, considering the face shape

When choosing a hat for the image, it is better to start from the shape of the fashionista's face. Of course, the colour and style are also very important. However, the main thing is matching the accessory to the proportions of the face.

Fashionistas with oval faces can wear almost any headdress. Designs that visually stretch the face will look beautiful on women with round faces. In this case, an excellent choice would be a large knitted hat with volumetric elements, berets, caps and other similar models. At the same time, it is better to wear the accessory asymmetrically, without completely covering the forehead area. It is better for those with a square or rectangular face to choose hat models that add softness to features: hats with earflaps, creative hats with hanging details, hats with a low crown and wide brim. For fashionistas with a diamond-shaped face, experts advise paying attention to accessories that will help make the upper part of the head more voluminous. In this case, voluminous hats no narrower than the width of the cheekbones are suitable. For those who have a triangular face, a cap that covers the forehead is an excellent choice. Hats with a small brim, accessories with earflaps, berets fit to the forehead or side, and fur products will also look beautiful.

Choosing gloves

Gloves are an integral part of the winter look. Today, designers demonstrate a wide variety of such accessories, combining them quite boldly and creatively. The idea that gloves should match the colour of your shoes and bag is a thing of the past. The latest fashion trends give fashionistas freedom of choice. Designers offered them classic gloves and original models with modern designs for the new season. For example, Prada showcased classic-style black gloves with a small bulge compartment, which could be found on their boots, bags and belts before. The Valentino collections included embellished gloves embellished with signature studs.

"Opera" gloves deserve special attention – a high model that allows you not only to keep your hands warm and protected but also to create many exciting images. Among the trendy models, one can choose high glossy or matte gloves, in black or pastel colours, with prints and monograms. Another trend that will allow creating an original ensemble is fur gloves. Fashion brands offer them from natural materials and eco-fur. Miu Miu, Givenchy and other brands presented voluminous fur accessories that look very stylish.

Scarf – which one is suitable?

When choosing a scarf, the main characteristics are the accessory's colour, texture, and length. The product's colour should be in harmony with the fashionista's skin tone and eye colour. The texture and print of the scarf are selected based on the physical features. For petite ladies, elegant scarves of fine knitting, with a large or abstract pattern, are suitable. In contrast, voluptuous girls should choose more voluminous models, designs with prints such as vertical stripes or small cell patterns.

Set of scarf, hat and gloves: creating a trendy ensemble

Here are some tips for creating an ensemble of scarf, hat and gloves:

  • When choosing a colour, follow the "good tone" rules. All accessories should be harmoniously combined in colour both among themselves and with outerwear, shoes and a bag. When creating a monochrome look, choose different shades and tones of the same colour, and in bright outfits, combine harmonious shades that look beautiful together. In addition to the rules of colour harmony, also consider the colour type of your appearance, especially when choosing a hat and scarf, as they are closest to the face;
  • Choice of texture and materials. The combination of the accessory and outerwear materials is another important point in creating a harmonious look. Here it is important not to overdo it with the number of textures;
  • Correct size. Fashion designers show fashionistas original combinations of accessories of different sizes in the latest collections. For example, a beanie hat can be supplemented with a large and voluminous scarf, and a fur hat with earflaps can be combined with a more restrained accessory;
  • General style and "spirit" of items. In classic ensembles, one should avoid knitted accessories, excessive decor, as well as bright or neon colours. An ensemble of fur, leather and dense wool will look most elegant. On the contrary, in a casual style, there are no restrictions. Such images can be combined with accessories with drapery, perforation, curly stitching or rivets.

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