How to take care of branded shoes in winter

The choice of fashionable branded shoes for winter is very diverse. Today the fantasy of famous designers allows fashionistas to find a pair of winter shoes for every taste offering them classic leather or stylish nubuck boots, elegant suede knee-high boots, comfortable uggs, even warm felt boots, and more. Made from the highest quality materials, branded shoes from well-known manufacturers always help to create a unique look. But how to make such a luxury item last as long as possible while maintaining its visual appeal?

How to care for shoes in winter

In winter, shoes are constantly subjected to challenges and stressful situations. In addition to temperature fluctuations, moisture and dirt, frequent contact with salt and other reagents significantly reduce their service life. However, even such conditions will not ruin your favourite pair if you follow the simple rules of use and take care of the product in time.

Branded shoes in winter need daily care; ideally every time they are used. Genuine leather models can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dirt. Shoes made of suede or nubuck should be treated with a special brush only after being totally dry. It is important to keep in mind that leather or suede shoes should not be dried with a hairdryer and close heat sources or in other similar ways. The best is to allow the product to dry as naturally as possible. To prevent the formation of creases or cracks, winter shoes should be dried on special plastic or wooden blocks. Before going out, boots should be covered with special protection. Protective means for shoes will prevent salt from entering the material and help to avoid the appearance of white spots on the surface of the product.

The choice of means for the care of winter shoes

In order for branded shoes to remain in good shape and condition for as long as possible, it is necessary to choose the right products for caring for them. They include special "cosmetics":

  • cleansers. Special foams, shampoos or soaps are used to clean the surface from dirt and old cream;
  • impregnation. Shoe creams and balms are suitable for nourishing and softening the skin, allowing you to restore the structure and texture of the material. They keep the skin strong and elastic. In addition, a properly selected impregnating agent will help to avoid the occurrence of creases, which over time can turn into cracks;
  • water repellents. This is the final step in caring for winter shoes. To protect the product from moisture, both conventional impregnation with fluorocarbon resins and nano-impregnation are used, which is recommended for shoes made of rough leather - velour, nubuck and suede.
  • in addition, special deodorants, anti-colours, brushes and sets of soft wipes for cleaning and polishing will be useful tools in caring for winter shoes.

In addition, special deodorants, anti-colours, brushes and sets of soft wipes for cleaning and polishing will be useful tools in caring for winter shoes.

Before using any product, it is recommended to test it on an inconspicuous area of the shoe. Excessive use of creams, waxes or impregnating agents containing a large number of silicones in their composition should be avoided. Such products, unlike natural analogues, create a film on the surface of the skin that prevents air from entering.

White spots on shoes: how to remove?

De-icing agents are the number one enemy of winter shoes. To remove white stains from the surface of branded shoes, you should use a special cleaner. It draws the salt to the surface, after which it is easy to clean it with a brush.

Speaking about the care of branded shoes in the winter season, one cannot but mention one of the most important rules - do not wear the same pair twice in a row. By alternating several options every day, you can significantly extend the life of your favourite products, considering that it takes about a day for some models to dry and restore shape. If you have long dreamed of replenishing your winter wardrobe with original branded shoes at a reasonable price, take a look at the Selluxury catalogue.

Take proper care of your winter boots, and they will serve you for years!