Культовые платки известных брендов

A kerchief scarf from well-known brands is a unique, beautiful and almost eternal investment. Such an accessory indicates excellent taste completing an image and adding a touch of aristocracy to any look. Branded scarves have become the dream of many fashionistas from all over the world, especially when it comes to the iconic creations of famous fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Hermes and others.

Hermès silk scarves are the dream of every fashionista

Introduced in 1937, the scarves of the French fashion house have become the common choice of many Hollywood stars, celebrities and leading fashionistas. Hermès silk accessories have been chosen by fashion icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Madonna and even Queen Elizabeth. The scarf Carré d'Hermès has become a symbol of luxury and aristocracy throughout its existence.

The classic Carré is an accessory sized 70x70 made of silk, with a hand-drawn pattern. In addition to unique designs, each product has a logo and, generally, the artist's name. The edges of Hermès accessories are bent to the front side and hemmed only by hand.

Hermès launches a collection of 12 squared scarves every season, including six new designs and six previous designs in new colours.

Chanel's iconic Carré scarves

Chanel's legendary Carré square scarf has also captured the hearts of many connoisseurs of expensive accessories. This item is made from light, almost weightless silk and complemented by a unique pattern. This makes it a mega-popular fashion accessory that is offered in a variety of colours.

Burberry scarves are a stylish classic to complement any outfit

The Burberry brand offers a wide range of accessories that adorn the most stylish images of modern fashionistas. Their designers skillfully combine catwalk prints and drawings from the Burberry archive in the designs. Among them, one can choose the iconic brand's check, floral patterns or designs with animalistic motifs.

Like the accessories of many other premium brands, Burberry silk scarves are made entirely by hand, making them suitable for both casual and business attire.

Flora by Gucci – bright colours and feminine prints

Scarves with legendary Flora prints by Gucci have become one of the symbols of the Italian brand. Such a product is a recognizable fashion accessory that can give femininity, uniqueness and a special charm.

The scarf's design appeared thanks to the princess of Monaco Grace Kelly in 1966 when illustrator Vittorio Accornero created the 90*90 silk accessory. Today, among the wide variety of Flora ornaments, there are various plants - poppies, roses, daffodils, lilies and other flowers, complemented by dragonflies, butterflies and other elements.

Monogram by Louis Vuitton

Having become the hallmark of the fashion house, Louis Vuitton branded monograms make any brand accessory recognizable and timelessly fashionable.

A scarf with an original LV logo, a four-pointed star or a flower will emphasize good taste and make its owner stand out from the crowd. Offered in a wide range of colours, such a product can be chosen in nude tones and bright, saturated shades.

Scarves from Versace – a combination of luxury and sophistication

The collections of women's silk scarves by Versace are created using exclusive hand-painted printing technology. Designs with black and yellow Versace patterns look especially luxurious and very expensive.

Having become a fashionable classic item, they will add a touch of elegance and grace to the image of any fashionista. It is the choice of those who prefer luxury accessories with impeccable workmanship.

Etro scarves for lovers of originality

The accessories of the Italian brand Etro have won the attention of luxury connoisseurs because of their unusual designs and sophisticated style. Intricate and unique prints characterize Etro's scarf designs.

The brand offers accessories with ethnic motifs, luxurious images of flowers, bright patterns and original colour combinations, allowing any fashionista to choose the best addition when creating a stylish outfit. Such accessories will become the highlight of any image.

Scarves by Dolce&Gabbana – sensuality and lightness in every item

Designed by the tandem of designers Stefano Gabbana and Dominico Dolce, Dolce&Gabbana scarf designs are filled with sensual Sicilian notes and romantic femininity. Among the wide range of the brand's collections, one can choose accessories made of silk and cotton with floral motifs and other colour schemes. Each of them delights with impeccable finishes and incredible beauty.

A branded scarf is the accessory that helps even the most boring outfit sparkle with new colours. In addition, an item from a well-known brand will never go out of fashion. Becoming the final touch of the image, it emphasizes the taste, sense of style and even the character of its owner.