Luxury brand watches: the best manufacturers

Swiss wristwatches have long been the standard of accuracy, an attribute of success and viability. They are valued all over the world and are an indicator of a sense of style and taste. Such watches can cost thousands of dollars not only because of their high status and prestige but because of:

  • high-end materials. Products of elite watch brands are made from expensive materials using patented technologies. In addition to the use of gold, silver and platinum, many models are complemented by precious stones;
  • assembly. Often such an accessory is assembled by hand;
  • limited edition. Many manufacturers deliberately create limited series of products to emphasize the elitism of their items.

Selluxury offers a selection of the best watch brands whose products will capture the hearts of fashion connoisseurs. Our catalogue contains wristwatches by these brands at a discount, allowing you to choose the best accessories for any occasion.


The history of this company began in 1775. The brand's founder, Abraham-Louis Berge, became famous for many landmark inventions, including automatic winding, tourbillon, pare-chuté shockproof system and others. Today, Breguet manufactures luxury timepieces characterized by incredible precision and mechanical complexity. They are assembled by hand and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Among the Breguet collections, there are watches with a traditional design in a classic style, as well as very avant-garde models.

Audemars Piguet

Along with Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet remains an independent family business to this day. The company assembles all watches by hand, so no more than 15000 pieces are produced per year. The brand's highlight is an ultra-flat mechanism, making the products look incredibly compact and elegant. Introduced in 1972, the iconic octagon-shaped Royal Oak watch series continues to set new standards for sportswear today.

Vacheron Constantin

As one of the oldest watch companies, Vacheron Constantin has been delighting connoisseurs of high-quality accessories with legendary watches and iconic calibres since 1755. The brand's products combine elegant appearance, technical ingenuity and beautiful design. Vacheron Constantin watches are considered incredibly reliable and durable. Among the creations of the brand, one can find collections for both men and women.


The Swiss watch manufacturer Breitling offers movements of the highest precision, confirmed by certificates from the Swiss Institute of Chronometry. The highlight of the brand is the stylish weaving of bracelets. Each of their creations is highly shockproof and waterproof. Among their most famous collections is the Professional series, where models have an emergency radio transmitter that allows pilots to transmit an alarm signal and orient rescuers to their location.

Ulysse Nardin

The watch brand Ulysse Nardin has become famous for the incredible precision of its movements, for which it has received more than 4,000 certificates. Marine chronometers and corporate marine style in design have become the brand's hallmark. The brand's watches have a spectacular appearance and are great for those who prefer an active lifestyle.


Panerai is a brand that has gone through a thorny path from a small watch store to a world-famous company. Their creations combine unique designs and high-quality materials. Among the iconic models of Panerai, one can find Radiomir and Luminor. A key element in the design of the Florentine brand is the protection of the crown, as well as water resistance at great depths.


Jaeger-LeCoultre is a brand famous for its most refined movements. In 1929, the brand created Cal.101, which is still considered the smallest calibre in the world today. In addition, Jaeger-LeCoultre owns the development of 1242 different calibres, the invention of the millionometer, the first watch without a crown and the watch with a rotating mechanism.


Established in 1848, Omega became one of the most famous watch manufacturers in the world. It is this brand that owns many achievements in watchmaking, including the record of accuracy for mechanical watches, set back in 1936. The brand became famous for creating the only watch in the world certified for use in space and watches with excellent water resistance.

Patek Philippe

As one of the most valuable watch manufacturers in the world, the Swiss brand Patek Philippe was founded by Pole Antony Patek in collaboration with Francois Czapek. Having started its existence in 1839, the brand became famous for creating a prototype of a modern wristwatch model, the invention of a perpetual calendar, a chronograph and a minute repeater. The company patented 70 inventions that had a huge impact on the development of watchmaking. The cost of creations of Patek Philippe is estimated in hundreds of thousands of dollars, and collection watches - in the millions.


In existence since 1905, Rolex has become synonymous with aristocratism and prosperity. It produces luxury watches that often become the choice of famous personalities: from Hollywood stars, sheikhs and politicians to royal families. Despite the fact that Rolex is not the manufacturer of the most expensive watches in the world, many of the brand's watches have become absolute legends: Explorer, Submariner, Cosmograph Daytona and others. The company's products are distinguished by incredible accuracy, shock resistance, excellent water protection, a solid power reserve and self-winding.


Rado is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer that offers innovative materials such as high-tech and plasma ceramics. Founded in 1917, the company became famous for creating the first scratch-resistant watch.


The fashion house Chopard offers exquisite jewellery watches for men and women. A characteristic feature of the brand's creations is the author's technology of "floating diamonds". With the movement of the hand, the sparkling stones between the sapphire glasses in the watches of the brand move smoothly. Chopard watches include both classic and sporty designs.


Cartier is a workshop where true works of art are created not only in the world of jewellery but also in watch movements. A feature of Cartier wristwatches is an exquisite design, implemented in precious metals and stones, high technology and refined taste. The brand offers men's and women's collections, which are created according to the canons of high jewellery art. Resembling real masterpieces, they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Among the products of Cartier, one can buy a wide variety of watches: from classic models to complex and encrusted with precious stones.

We hope this selection will help you navigate the world of watchmaking and choose a product to your liking.