The secret behind Chanel's caviar leather

Caviar from Chanel is considered the French fashion house's most famous leather. Its surface can be recognized from a single touch. Ever wondered what makes it is so popular among true connoisseurs?

Caviar Leather Chanel

Most people know about caviar thanks to the classic Chanel flap bag. This iconic model usually comes in two options: lambskin or caviar leather. In the Chanel fashion house, "caviar" is the name given to the grainy calfskin. In fact, it is one of the many grained calf leathers produced by the brand. Visible grains make the material stiffer and harder than calfskin, which contributes to its strength and durability. That's why caviar skin is preferred by fashionistas who love beautiful and practical, long-lasting accessories. Crafted from the iconic quilted "caviar" leather, Chanel bags retain their appearance for much longer than the lambskin versions.

The "caviar" depends on the season

Chanel Caviar Leather Bag

The caviar leather of this year's classic Chanel flap bag may differ from the one launched a few years ago. Until 2000, the leather of the classic caviar bag was always a little bit stiffer. Now the brand changes its caviar from season to season, making it softer or harder, depending on the type of product. Coin purses, cross-bodies, handbags, or other accessories can also be made of different kinds of caviar.

Chanel caviar varieties

Chanel Caviar Leather Bag

Looking through the official catalogue of the French brand Chanel, one can notice in the product descriptions such words as "iridescent", "soft", "rigid," et Cetra. The company uses these characteristics to describe the type of the bag's cover. Among the top varieties of such leather are:

  • Rigid caviar. It is a hard-textured leather designed for both the classic flap bags and the classic quilted WOC models;

Rigid Caviar Leather

  • Iridescent caviar. This type of leather is very common. It is defined by a special shine and smaller grains than the once in Rigid Caviar;

Iridescent Caviar

  • Soft caviar. As the name suggests, soft caviar is softer than the traditional version. The material is not as durable as the classic Rigid caviar but much stronger than the smooth calf or sheepskin. The Boy Bags are often presented in this particular variety of leather;

Chanel Soft Caviar

  • Caviar with original finishing: suede, crumbled caviar, metal caviar, washed caviar, glazed, and others.

Замшевая икорная кожа Шанель

Crumbled Caviar by Chanel

Chanel Metallic Caviar

Chanel Washed Caviar

Chanel Glazed Caviar

Caviar leather care tips

Chanel bag

Most fashionistas prefer caviar leather because it is very durable and does not require special care. Despite the fact that Chanel products made from this material are not as susceptible to scratches, mechanical damage, and the appearance of stains as other types of leather, it is still important to take proper care of it and provide adequate storage conditions for such an accessory. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or moisture. You can use a soft cloth for cleaning without using detergents that might ruin the finish. Light-coloured bags from caviar leather are prone to discoloration and should not be placed next to dark fabrics. It is advised to store such items in an upright position, protected by the original case or tissue paper, ensuring that the life of this long-lasting accessory is maximized.

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